About the artist

DJ Jeffree is a music fanatic.  Whether it was singing into a tape recorder and performing as a child, making moody mixtapes and burning CDs growing up, or spinning tracks for packed dancefloors;  the music has always been the most important.

Now based out of  Palm Springs and collaborating with his long-time friend and mentor, DJ Guy Worden (guyworden.com), DJ Jeffree has gained a reputation as one of the top “open format” DJs in the Coachella Valley area.  When not booked at private events, you can catch DJ Jeffree performing at hotels, night clubs and bars all across Palm Springs and Southern California.

His mixing style combines current hits and classic beats with a touch of old school turntable-ism and live remixing. He is well known for his appropriate and creative song selections, expert level transitions and precise volume control while behind the decks.

“I believe that a great DJ has the ability to walk into a room, look at the crowd, and know exactly what songs to play at exactly the right time”.

                                                                                                                                                                            - DJ Jeffree